Families drive to the support groups from all over North Texas and we want to make sure there is a warm meal when they arrive. In grief, families are trying to survive each day. We want the dinner on group nights to be one less thing a family has to worry about!

The dinners are an integral part of our groups. Families catch up with each other and the kids play together, knowing they can just be themselves wherever they are in their grief journey. The kids are laughing and playing together, creating lasting bonds with other kids who ‘get it.’


  • Provide a main dish, sides, and dessert for children and adults: Our meal providers bring food that can be enjoyed by kids and adults of all ages. Food can be purchased from a restaurant or made at home. An example of a meal: spaghetti, salad, bread, and cookies or bbq sandwiches, mac and cheese, green beans, salad, and cookies. Providing at least one vegetarian option, like a salad, is helpful to our families!
  • When you sign up to schedule a meal at a specific location, our staff will provide you with recent numbers for that location. The number served can range from 40-80 people. We send a reminder email at the beginning of the month to confirm the number and details of the dinner.
  • Meal providers arrive around 6pm to set up. Participants eat from 6:30pm-7pm. Meal providers clean up after and usually leave no later than 7:30pm.
  • We suggest groups of 7-10 people to serve. Volunteers can be adults, teens, or children.


Anyone can be a meal provider! We have had meals provided by church groups, scout troops, families, groups of friends, and service groups. We ask that minors serving meals are monitored and assisted when needed by the adult that are with them.

Time Commitment

Meal providers need to be on site from 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm. 

We have made friends just sitting down and talking to each other during dinner...even more so than being around the group. I think the dinner is very important because everyone in the groups, we talk to each other all the time. But in the dinner you get to interact with people that were in different groups.
Adult Participant