Patrick Bricker

Executive Director

Patrick Joseph Bricker was born in Philadelphia and grew up in Chicago, Illinois, Cleveland, Ohio and Dallas, Texas while spending numerous summers working on a cattle ranch in Cameron, Montana.

Patrick is a natural entrepreneur and problem solver whose creative skills manifested in his teens when he was among the first in the industry to use video to market registered Angus cattle internationally. His successes included both the world record selling Angus heifer  ($119,000 for 1/2 interest) and the Record Selling $1.5 Million bull, High Voltage.

Patrick’s livestock marketing business evolved into Prime Multimedia Productions which used the latest technology to shoot, edit and distribute education, development and marketing videos.  Prime Multimedia introduced interactive CD’s and DVD’s to many Fortune 500 companies including:  Neiman Marcus, Arthur Andersen (Accenture) and Price Waterhouse Coopers.  The company later acquired Pat Summerall Productions, which produced celebrity hosted marketing videos for over 2,000 companies worldwide.

These early experiences helped shape Patrick’s views about corporate culture, coaching talent and providing exceptional client experiences.

His life changed forever though after watching his friend Kent Waldrep play with his sons while sitting in a wheelchair.  He observed that Kent’s sons didn’t worry about the wheel chair. They were just playing with “dad,” which is something every parent can relate to.  It was “normal.”

That moment led to Patrick’s decision to seek out ways to use this epiphany to find a way to educate, inspire and connect people so that they can recognize what they have in common with others before they explore their differences.  

He created an online Personal Productivity Network called, “Living Without Limits” to help people improve the quality of their lives by providing them with the resources and tools to achieve balance in their Personal, Professional and Healthy lives.  Companies like PepsiCo found that employees who achieved more balance in their lives were more productive.

Patrick has developed a Swiss Army Knife-like set of skills, which have come in handy as he decided to dedicate his life to helping non-profits that serve children and adults in at risk populations.

His first non-profit leadership role was Executive Director at Citizens Development Center (CDC).  CDC was a United Way Agency that featured a 30,000+ sq ft workspace where adults with disabilities earned a paycheck by performing packaging and kitting jobs.  It was this experience that led him to trademark the phrase, “Don’t Dis My Ability.”

Equest, a non-profit that uses horses to help people with disabilities and veterans with PTS was the next stop in Patrick’s non-profit career.  He increased Equest’s revenue by 300% in three short years.  The organization was awarded $850,000 from The Crystal Charity Ball, $425,000 from Texas Veterans Commission and a $1.2 million individual gift from the Al Hill Jr. family.   Patrick also negotiated a $15 million public private partnership with the City of Dallas and his leadership resulted in Equest being named the Non-Profit of the Year in 2015 by the Center for Non Profit Management..

Patrick resigned from Equest at the end of that year to take care of his mother after her triple bypass surgery.  Since then, he has been consulting for several non-profits and using his real estate broker license to invest in real estate. 

Patrick has a Bachelor’s degree in Advertising and Marketing along with a Certificate of Non Profit Leadership from SMU.

He is a knowledgeable and experienced professional whose passion and expertise is turning lemons into lemonade.