Children and Teen Support Groups

Children and teens attend age-based groups where they share their feelings, talk about the changes in their loved ones and families, and discuss new ways to cope with what they are experiencing.

Share their feelings

Talk about changes

Discuss new ways to cope

In a confidential, non-judgmental environment, groups may include:

Guided Art Projects

Reading Stories

Playing Games

Grief & Loss Discussions

Participants can connect to others with shared experiences and know they aren’t alone in their journey.

Parent/Adult Caregiver Support Groups

Adult groups may include conversations about:

Your loved ones

Changes within family

Coping Skills

Strategies to support your children

About Group Facilitators

Group Facilitators are volunteers who guide participants through group activities and discussions to help them process their grief journey.

Background check approved

10-hour training from Licensed Therapists

Receive foundational knowledge on grief and bereavement

Getting Started

Step 1

Call Journey at 972-964-1600

Step 2

Schedule an intake appointment

Step 3

Start attending groups

The intake appointment helps our program team get to know the family and their grief journey and it provides the family an opportunity to become familiar with our groups.

" What made the first meeting easier for me was (my daughter) had her Zoom call the night before. Even though I let her have her own space, I could hear her talking. I'm thinking well, if you're able to do it, I can do it. "
adult participant

Group Support FAQ

To sign up any of our programs, please call our office at 972-964-1600 to schedule an intake appointment. If you have any questions or would prefer us to reach out to you, please fill out our contact us form.

There is no charge to attend Journey of Hope.

Groups are open-ended; families can join at any point in their grief process and they may stay as long as they deem necessary.

Groups are open-ended, so families can attend as long as they would like. We recommend regular attendance and a minimum commitment of 8 meetings, but families may attend as long as they like.

While we would love to offer support to all who seek it, Journey of Hope came into existence specifically to serve children and their families (immediate family and caregivers) who are grieving the death of a loved one, including young adults between the ages of 18 to 25. For all other adult resource groups, call us at 972-964-1600 or visit our resources page.

We do not provide counseling or therapy. We offer peer support groups. If you are looking for counseling or therapy, we can provide referrals for you.

We currently do not offer our Wave Anticipatory Grief Group in Spanish. If you need support in Spanish, please contact our office for referrals at 972-964-1600.

Journey of Hope’s groups are not based on any specific religious or spiritual belief system, so we can be welcoming to all. We serve all families regardless of religion, race, creed, or sexual orientation.

You are welcome to return to our program. Please call our office at 972-964-1600 to speak with the Chief Program Officer concerning returning to groups.