Opportunities for Young Volunteers

Whether you are an individual or part of a youth organization, sports team, school group or a family who likes to make a difference together.

Helping at Events

No job is too small! There are plenty of tasks young volunteers can help with at events such as handing out candy, running a game at a booth, greeting guests, and more!

Collecting Supplies

We need supplies for our support groups such as crayons, paper cups, napkins, paper, etc. Young volunteers can host drives as individuals or groups to collect these items for Journey!

Providing and Serving a Meal

Volunteers provide and serve a meal for our families on group night. This is a part of our program that young volunteers can take part in as a group or as a family!

Let us know how you’d like to help! We appreciate you.

Getting Started

Step 1

Decide how your child would like to help

Step 2

Click here to fill out the Volunteer Release Form (if below age 18)

Step 3

Send us a message about how your child would like to get involved.

Our Program Team will be in touch with you shortly! Thank you for reaching out. We appreciate you helping your child get involved with volunteer work.